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If you don’t support the police unfollow me right now. Don’t talk to me. Don’t even look at me because your stupidity is ridiculous. You can run your mouths all you want but guess who will be at your door saving your pathetic police hating life when you need it the most?…

I literally just said that some police officers are corrupt and what is this “inherent privilege” that you’re talking about? Because is better not be the color of my skin. I live here. I see what happens EVERY DAY FIRST HAND and yes! Some of this is wrong but to say that the entire St. Louis PD is some gang of racist bullies that likes to beat up and arrest the blacks in this community for shits and giggles is ridiculously incorrect. The action of one police officer does not define the actions of many. And since I live here and I am white, I have been threatened SEVERAL TIMES while just walking outside during this because of the color of my skin. HOW IS THAT NOT RACIST?

Since you didn’t want to everyone to see my initial reply to you, I’ll just post it here so the whole class can see: 

Sweetie, you fail to understand that you have inherent privilege that allows you to have all of these positive interactions with police officers. Surely you can’t be that self-righteous to understand that in your city limits, some police officers are the antagonists to crimes? Surely you can’t be that selfish to properly grasp that in neighborhoods in your area code, the police officers are the problem? Surely you can’t be so obtuse that you don’t know that even in your zip code, there are persons who have never had an interaction with an officer that wasn’t started with an interrogation?

How can you tell these people to, in their case, BLINDLY support the police? 

I’d venture to guess that it’s not their stupidity that is ridiculous. 

It’s yours.

Oh it is DEFINITELY the color of your skin. SURPRISE! If you don’t understand that gives you an inherent privilege to not have a negative relationship with police, you are wildly ignorant. 

I never said that the entire STLPD is crooked. You were the one who said it was STUPID to not support them, en masse. That is a systematically ignorant statement that only a white girl could draw up and deduce that it would be rendered as absolute! 

And I’ll even entertain the fact that you allege to have been threatened by walking down the street. I don’t really care how you slice it, as a white woman, you are not privy to being on the receiving end of racism. Racism is prejudice formed from the structural, institutional power and as a white woman, it is impossible for you to be ‘victim to it.’ Can you be discriminated against? Yes. STILL UNLIKELY, but yes. But no sweetie, you are NOT A VICTIM OF RACISM. Do your research before you get on the internet. If you don’t know the sociological underpinnings of these IMPORTANT theories, then I strongly suggest that you shut your mouth.

But forget all that, the issue I have with YOU and YOUR ignorance stems from the fact that you think that we as a people should embrace the police just because the police brought YOU home safely at night after you probably were in the backseat of someone’s car, and gave you a slap on the wrist. It is GROSSLY ignorant for you to think that everyone has the same experience as you, and that same level of reverence should be given. 

I STRONGLY suggest since you are privy to what is going on right now, you take your little lily white ass to Ferguson and ask the people protesting what THEIR interactions with the police have been. How can you say that everyone should RESPECT your PD with OPEN ARMS after someone just killed an unarmed young man and they are tear gassing black people like hot cakes? 

Girl, you can get the hell on. Don’t even reply back to this post. You really should be ashamed of yourself that you wrote this. I would delete it, delete my page, and start again. I have seen some FOOLISH, IGNORANT stuff on this site lately, but you seem like a ‘nice young girl’ that probably thinks what you are saying is gospel. People like you who could be privy to injustice but rather turn a blind eye to it MAKE ME SICK. I would rather come across a thousand racists who at least show their agenda than to be around one person like you, who blithely believes that their experiences is the ONLY experience and devalues the experience of others and show NO REMORSE FOR THINKING THAT WAY! At least the racists know they are ridiculous and usually hyperbolic - you are SO SERIOUS! QUITE SERIOUS!

And it is pathetic

Oh! One more thing!

just because you deleted THIS POST of the black man running away from the officer then being pushed down where the poster commented “this is the entire police situation in american in 6 seconds. this is modern art” and YOU reblogged with your added comment "that is not MY america" -

- doesn’t mean that nobody else saw it. BECAUSE I DID.

So, if you want to be strong and wrong, ma’am, you probably should 1) do a better job of covering you tracks when you don’t want other people to see further evidence that you are clueless on the subject of race and police brutality or 2) be woman enough to stand by those statements.

….I bet you didn’t expect that to come back and haunt you, right?

yaaasssssssss DRAG HER!!!!!!

I have no interest in dragging. I’m just tired of people reveling in ignorance.

I saw the post on her page last night. Magically, it wasn’t there this morning. She knew it was inconsiderate, insensitive, and illogical. And she thought nobody saw it.

But she thought wrong.


The world is absolutely fucked. This post is the proof that no one, including black people, actually want peace. Fuck this.’

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